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Free Sample Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent
Download PDF • 9KB

I've included the downloadable PDF above that you may print out, fill out, sign, and email/snail mail over to your school board superintendent or their designated homeschool liaison. Remember, in Florida, you do not need to receive a response from the school board in order to start homeschooling. This letter of intent is the only notification they need to receive. If you are concerned about delivery of the letter, make sure to ask for a reply when you email it or follow up after a few weeks to determine whether they have received it. Note: if your child is currently enrolled in a public or private school, make certain to withdraw your child from that school at the same time or just prior to sending this letter. That withdrawal process is handled by the current school.

Letter of Intent to Establish and Maintain a Home Education Program


To: Superintendent of Schools

Re: Notice of Intent

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to notify you of my intent to establish and maintain a home education program for the child(ren) listed below, effective on/as of _______________ (Date), in accordance with Florida homeschooling statute, 1002.41.

Student: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________

Student: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________

Student: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________

Student: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________

Student: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________

Student: _____________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Thank you!

Parent/Guardian (Sign): __________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian (Print): __________________________________________________________

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