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WRAT5 Testing Service

The WRAT 5 (Wide Range Achievement Test) is a nationally normed assessment designed to measure basic academic skills in reading, spelling, and math. The test can be completed by individuals ages 5 through adult.   

Testing is brief (15-30 or 30-55 minutes) and is conducted in a one-on-one setting in Lakeland or Winter Haven, FL.

The fee for the WRAT 5 stands at $100 per student, which includes all testing materials, administration procedures, and scoring services. Score reports and/or evaluation forms will be provided after the test session and may help guide your educational choices for the upcoming school year.

Registered homeschooling families may opt for the WRAT 5 test as administered by Samantha Eason (License #1027260), under Option 2 outlined in the FL Homeschool Statute 1002.01, meeting the annual progress evaluation requirement. 

Parents may also elect to have their child take the WRAT 5 at the start of their homeschool journey, affording invaluable insight into their academic strengths and areas necessitating focused attention and reinforcement.

This exam is approved to be used to satisfy the nationally normed testing requirement for FL PEP students. Test results are due by July 31st in order to receive funding for the following school year. 

For the convenience of recipients of the FES-UA and FL PEP scholarships, a direct-pay option through Step Up For Students is made available. To initiate this process, parents are instructed to locate "Samantha Eason" in the EMA Providers search bar and designate the appropriate "WRAT 5 testing fee" (via Evaluation or Choice Navigator) for their respective student. 

To book, contact Samantha Eason at 407.925.7140 or

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