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Annual progress assessments should not be stressful! As a fellow homeschooling mom and a certified FL teacher with a M. Ed., I offer portfolio evaluations that will satisfy evidence of annual progress. I am unschooling friendly and offer quick evaluations on my own evaluation forms for you to submit to your school board or individualized proof of progress letters for families in Virginia and West Virginia. Homeschool consultations, homeschool advocacy, and SUFS direct-pay provider services such as standardized testing and choice navigator services are available for scholarship families in FL.

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Evaluation Services

Colorado · Florida · New Hampshire · Virginia · Washington · West Virginia

Samantha Eason Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations is your go-to resource for comprehensive homeschool evaluations. Samantha provides portfolio assessments and progress reports for homeschoolers in CO, FL, NH, VA, WA, and WV, meeting all the regulations of each state. Accommodations for students with neuro-divergency are available. For more details on specific due dates, rush evaluations and associated rush fees,  contact us today! 

My Story

I am a fellow homeschooling mom, certified teacher and an antique lover.  In 2005, I graduated with a B.A in Studio Art from Rollins College in Winter Park, Fl. and went on to receive my professional certificate to teach K-12 Art. In May of 2011, I earned a M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Fl. I appreciate alternative, project-based assessments in both undergraduate and graduate studies and sought out an equivalent for the K-12 student besides the standardized exam. This is when I began researching what it meant to homeschool in my state, what the laws were and how annual progress was assessed. 

Before deciding to homeschool our children, I was employed by the Polk County School Board as an elementary art teacher. I am currently licensed in the state of Florida and have already completed required coursework for license renewal through 2028. My husband and I knew that we wanted a more intentional, individualized learning experience for our daughters; something we felt the schools in our area could not provide. Our homeschool days are filled with laughter & learning, successes & failures and our family unit has grown stronger, closer and more inquisitive because of it. We are definitely eclectic homeschoolers! I continue to support the homeschooling community at large through annual homeschool portfolio evaluations, speaking engagements, conference presentations and portfolio consultations.

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Evaluation Reviews

What homeschool families are saying...

"Samantha Eason is a wonderful homeschool portfolio reviewer! As a new homeschool mom I was quite nervous on how to do a portfolio review with a teacher. Samantha calmed my nerves and was very helpful answering any and all of my questions. She is warm and easy to talk to. In fact my youngest would have chatted with Samantha all day if we had let her. I definitely recommend Samantha Eason if you are looking for a teacher to do a portfolio review."

Nicole Neeley

"I first contacted Samantha during my very first year of homeschooling. I was very nervous because this was my first portfolio evaluation, and I was afraid it wasn’t enough. I spent the night before stressing over the whole ordeal. Samantha met with us and I was instantly at ease, as was my child. She was so kind and professional and assured me I was doing well in my documentation. For my second evaluation, we had to do a virtual meeting. Samantha was so wonderful in telling me what she needed, and made the entire process so easy. My son joins our homeschool this year, and he’s already eager to speak with “Ms. Samantha” for our evaluation next spring. Samantha is so knowledgeable and encouraging, and has been a vital part of our success as homeschoolers."

Kylee Logan

We highly recommend Samantha Eason. We can’t say enough good things about the service she provides.
I contacted Samantha on Wednesday evening last week with a Saturday deadline for evaluation submission. It was our first year homeschooling and first time dealing with the evaluation process. We had thought we could meet the requirement through county provided testing and found out late that this was at the district’s and school’s discretion and would not be provided. I got a list from the homeschool office and began calling. When I called Samantha last Wednesday, she stepped right in and worked with me to help me meet my Saturday deadline. Samantha didn’t just do an evaluation for us, she literally held my hand and walked me through the process of preparing the portfolio. Samantha was there to answer any questions I had, she sent examples and, perhaps most impactful, she provided me emotional support, encouragement and reassurance.
Through this first year of homeschooling, I felt worried and unsure about getting enough done. I realized through this process and dealing with Samantha that I had done a good job and that was priceless.
So starting Wednesday night, with her help, I was able to put the portfolio together from scratch, get the evaluation completed and submitted that Friday evening ahead of the due date!
Samantha is the best!!

Josephine McIntyre

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